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The Boinaud family has been active in Cognac’s vineyards since 1640; they now own the largest family-run winegrowing property in the Grande Champagne Cru.

De Luze Cognac was originally created by another family, being born in 1822 thanks to the avant-garde Alfred De Luze. A pioneer who began in the wine industry and set out to create his own Cognac brand.

When the Boinaud Family decided to acquire this brand, they had only one objective: to offer the highest possible quality! Indeed, as a family that has embodied Cognac for almost four hundred years, with a reputation as hard-working vineyard owners and distillers, they have achieved a high level of quality and expertise: Maison Boinaud expresses its „savoir-faire“ with complete control over every stage of production: from winemaking to distillation, from ageing in traditional barrels made on the estate to blending, and from bottling to marketing.

Driven by a passion for perfection, knowing where it comes from and where it wants to go, the 24th generation of the Boinaud Family have given De Luze a unique style, finesse of character and an ambitious signature:

Our Cognac, Your Taste! 

With confidence, but also with humility, Maison Boinaud and Cognac De Luze have set out to bring new pleasure to the enjoyment of cognac, offering a unique, beautiful tasting experience, perfect in its simplicity, every time.

Now distributed in 40 countries, De Luze is continuing its international growth, thanks to its attractive positioning and a high quality Fine Champagne range available in all bottle sizes.

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